5 High Fibre, Weight- Loss

Struggling to shed those extra inches around your tummy? Tried all sorts of dieting, yet no trace of desired results? Well, let us tell you a secret. Weight loss is as much about what you are eating as it is about how much you are eating. Alongside proteins, experts always recommend upping your intake of fibre for those on a weight reduction diet. This is because a diet rich in fibre helps you manage your weight by keeping you full for longer and curbing unwanted cravings. It can even regulate the speed of digestion, add bulk to your stool and aid smoother bowel movements and also keep your blood sugar levels in check. High fibre foods are also extremely heart friendly reducing the risk of stroke and hypertension. This means that substituting sugary and fattening meals with high fibre ones can actually help you reach your weight loss goals sooner. You can do that with your snacking habits too. Ditch the greasy noodles, samosas, pakoras and cookies with these high-fibre snacking options; not only are they yummy but they also keep you fuller in between the meals and curb the craving to binge.
Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner Shilpa Arora ND suggests a few delicious High fibre snacking ideas that you can try

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