Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon
  • Haryana, India
  • Established in : 2006
  • Number of Beds : 250
  • Super Speciality

About Hospital

Since its inception, Paras Hospitals has been moving forward with the vision to provide innovative and accessible health care to its patients.

  • Established in the year 2006, Paras Hospital is a NABH, NABL accredited super speciality hospital that offers 55 specialities under one roof.
  • It specializes in Neurosciences (Neurology & Neuro-surgery), Cardiac Sciences (Cardiology & Cardio-thoracic Surgery), Orthopaedics (Trauma, Joint Replacement & Spine Surgery) and Mother & Child Care.
  • The hospital’s clinical laboratory is also NABL accredited.
  • First neuroscience centre in the region to operate on deep-seated tumours.
  • First private hospital of Delhi NCR to have stand-alone image-guided tumour navigation surgery technology.
  • Awarded Best Healthcare Campaign for Breastfeeding Rooms in Public Places at Six Sigma Healthcare Awards Function, 2015.
  • Awarded Best Hospital for Neurosurgery and Neurology in Delhi NCR at Times Achievers Awards 2017.
  • Awarded Best Hospital for Neurosurgery and Neurology for International Patients in FICCI Medical Value Travel Event, 2017.

Team & Specialities

The hospital is supported by a team of well-reputed doctors of both national and international accreditation.

  • Expertise

    The hospital has more than 65 experienced and reputed doctors on board. It is also one of the few hospitals in the country where deep-seated tumours are operated.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    Dr. (Prof.) V. S.Mehta, the Director of Neurosciences at the hospital, received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 6th MT India Healthcare Awards in 2016.

  • Day-Care Angioplasty

    Dr Tapan Ghose, Director & HOD of Cardiology at the hospital successfully performed India'sIndia's first Day-care Angioplasty.

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About Infrastructure

Paras Hospitals is supported with state of the art and technologically advanced pieces of equipment and industrial prowess.

  • The hospital is equipped with 250 beds and 65 ICU beds.
  • It also has advanced operation theatres and Neurosurgery ICU.
  • It is the first private hospital in New Delhi NCR to have Image-Guided Tumour Navigation Surgery Technology.
  • It is the only hospital in the region that advocates for Transradial Interventional cardiology.
  • The hospital provides secure online access to medical reports and express check-in through the international patients’ lounge.
  • Paras Hospital, Gurugram, has one of the best Neurosciences centres in the region with all the facilities under one roof.
  • Paras Hospital pioneers in several speciality departments such as Minimal Invasive Surgery, Gynaecology, and Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Cosmetic and Plastic surgery, to list a few.

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With our family-like care we extend to all our customers, we've earned the trust of patients across more than 50 countries

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Treatment: Spine Surgery
Location: Musal, Iraq
Patient Name: Mr. Ammar
Treatment: Liver Transplant
Patient Name: Mrs. Jarih
Location: Iraq
Patient Name: Mr. Mustafa
Treatment: Cancer Treatment
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